$20 Dollar Savings When you Buy the Kari Gran Skin Care System

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When we launched our new site we decided to offer our Kari Gran System (the backbone of our line) at a discount when you buy the system all at once.  Included in the system is our Cleansing Oil 100ml,  Hydrating Tonic 100ml and Essential Serum 50ml.  It’s a $20 savings versus buying the products individually. Why such a deal?  We believe that Kari Gran Skin Care works best as a system-once you try it we think you will agree.

Another great time saving, hassle free feature we’ve added to our site is the Kari Gran Never Out program, because there is nothing worse than running out of your tried and true products.  Our auto order program allows you to buy your Kari Gran products without having to think about it.  You pick the dates ahead of time and we ship it.  So if you decide you want to replenish your Kari Gran product (s) every 30, 60 or 90 days we can make that happen for you…seamlessly.

So take a close look at the site and take advantage of our new Kari Gran System and Never Out programs!  Remember…be kind to your skin!