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Who doesn’t want to be a Super Beauty Hero?

It’s so easy to think about wearing sunscreen in the middle of July. But our secret wish is to have you use it 365 days a year. Couldn’t be happier to be July’s Beauty Hero.


Oh, Pistachio.

It’s finally Friday and Pistachio Day. To celebrate, I wanted to share two must-try recipes featuring the little green protein. Since I am on a healthy kick but still love a great treat, I was in the mood for something sweet and refreshing with a pistachio twist. Here’s two recipes that I just have to … Continue reading Oh, Pistachio.


Pretty Juicy: Jolene Hart’s Beautifying Smoothies (from the Anthropologie blog)

During the 21 Day Transformation, I fell in love with the Vitamix blender and smoothies. When Kari and I saw these beauties posted on Jolene Hart’s Instagram, we knew what was on the menu for tomorrows snack! Here’s one of our favorites: Sun Protective Cherry Chocolate Smoothie Serves 2 This sweet smoothie is packed with top energy foods … Continue reading Pretty Juicy: Jolene Hart’s Beautifying Smoothies (from the Anthropologie blog)


Immune Boosting Ginger, Lemon and Cayenne Concentrate

This time of year the flu can knock out a whole office in one fell swoop. Despite our best efforts, the flu took us down one by one here at the KG HQ a few weeks ago. Luckily the it was short lived, but I’ve been on the search for an immune booster since. So when I saw No … Continue reading Immune Boosting Ginger, Lemon and Cayenne Concentrate

Hot Tips

3 Ways to Stop Negative Self-Talk

One thing that has been ringing through my ears during this 21 day transformation is “Garbage in, garbage out.” Obviously if you are taking in nutritionally poor food, you will be wearing that garbage out in the future in the form of excess weight, acne, etc. But, what about the garbage and negative self-talk that … Continue reading 3 Ways to Stop Negative Self-Talk


Sugar Addict’s 3-Day Green Cleanse

Joining a 21 day health transformation in January feels a little cliché, but hey, I’m here and I’m doing this thing. Kari has joined Dahl House Nutrition and the 21 Day Transformation for a vacation from glycation (read more here), and she asked me to join her. Nothing beats the buddy system for support when … Continue reading Sugar Addict’s 3-Day Green Cleanse



The birds are singing, the clouds are clearing and it’s that time of year again – Spring. I welcome May as it is my month to focus on preparing my home for the warm summer months ahead. As a part of our Dozen Little Things series, we have chosen clean as our challenge for the … Continue reading CLEAN



If you haven’t heard, we are throwing a party tomorrow with a panel of experts who will be talking about beauty, wellness and nutrition. Our friend and expert on all things detox, Dr. Christine Schaffner will be explaining the importance of your routes to out as well as how you can rock the detox. To … Continue reading DETOX Q&A WITH DR. CHRISTINE SCHAFFNER

Hot Tips


Here at the Kari Gran HQ, we try to live as if everyday is Earth Day. As part of our mission to provide safe, eco-friendly, green and natural skin care and makeup, we do not use any water in our formulations. Why? Well, we think that S.W. Basics said it best: “Water is often used … Continue reading WATER


5 Steps to Simplicity

Sometimes life gets crazy and hectic and it seems like the world is spinning out of control. Other days, we are just lucky to get out of bed. According to the experts, those people who advise on getting it all together, the key is to slow down and simplify, simplify, simplify. Here are the five … Continue reading 5 Steps to Simplicity