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Brow Shaping

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Brow shaping done correctly is meant to go unnoticed.  What IS noticed the beauty of the eyes and face.  Eyebrows frame your face much like a frame to a portrait.  Slap a piece of art on the wall with no frame or a poorly chosen frame and the beauty of the art is diminished.   Same goes for your brows, so why do so many of us walk around with oddly shaped, over tweezed eyebrows?  Or over-dyed or penciled brows?  To seek answers to my questions I spoke with Stacya Silverman, brow shaping guru and cosmetics expiration expert, about how to make brows work for your face.


What should someone look for in a brow shaper?  Are there questions they should ask?

Not all places that say “We Do Brows” actually do a good job.  Many times, salons will put the skincare and waxing room in a spare storage room, thinking that any dark closet will create “relaxation” for the client.  But no one can see what they are doing.  One thing a person can do when looking for a place to do their brows, is to ask about lighting.  If the make-up and brow shaping room isn’t well-lit, don’t go there.  Lighting is key, and the esthetician must know a thing or two about how to light and how much light is needed to do a good job.  Also, do you know anyone whose brows look great?  Ask them where they go.  Personal recommendation can often even be better than yelp. 

What are the biggest mistakes people make when shaping brows?  

What I have noticed over the past 22 years (plus several years as a professional make-up artist before that) is that people who keep trying to make their brows identical tend to obsess and over tweeze.  Do not focus so much on whether the brows are identical, that is a lost cause.  We have a saying in our business “They are sisters, not twins.”  Also, trying to get a “perfect line” leads to over doing it.  

The next biggest mistake is the assumption that the brows will grow back.  Sometimes, they don’t.  It is such a strange thing, but you can over do your brows for only a year or so, and they will never grow back the same way.   I wish younger girls knew that brows will thin as you age.  When you are older (it seems a million years away for a teenager) you will wish you had not tweezed so much.  

Another mistake is people bring the ends of their brows (towards the temple) to a fine point.  They view each hair at the ends as “stragglers” and they keep removing and removing, until the eyebrow is actually shortened.   

Do you recommend coloring brows over filling in?  

I do love brow tint, mostly because gray or white hairs in the brow really age a person (men do this as well) especially if they are coloring their hair.  Tinting brows also prevents my clients from simply tweezing out the gray or white hairs, which leads to bald spots.  Tints also look great on blondes or redheads who have brows, but they simply do not show up at all.  

I also recommend brow powder for filling in holes or sparse spots.  Perhaps there is a scar in the brow, or a patch that does not grow for whatever reason.  Since thick, full brows are a sign of health (and also really in fashion right now which is great) a powder, which perfectly matches the color of your brow, is the best cosmetic there is.  All you need is a great pair of brows and the perfect color lipstick, and you are going to look great!