“We’re all golden sunflowers inside.” Allen Ginsberg

Sunflowers are, to me, the floral equivalent of a beaming, bright smile. As they grow, they face east in the morning and follow the sun as it moves during the day so they get the maximum sunlight that they need. This tracking of the sun is called heliotropism. So I guess I used to be … Continue reading “We’re all golden sunflowers inside.” Allen Ginsberg

Who doesn’t want to be a Super Beauty Hero?

It’s so easy to think about wearing sunscreen in the middle of July. But our secret wish is to have you use it 365 days a year. Couldn’t be happier to be July’s Beauty Hero.

SPF has FINALLY arrived!

Introducing Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF 28! The first addition to the skin care line ever — no really EVER! Our SPF is a physical block  broad-spectrum sunscreen that not only protects you from the UV-Burning rays, but the UV-Aging rays too. Broad-spectrum sunscreens protect against both UVA, rays that age the skin, and UVB, … Continue reading SPF has FINALLY arrived!

Earth Day Everyday

Our friend and green beauty muse, Sophie Uliano has some great insight on how the green industry sees Earth day and even better tips and tricks on how to turn Earth Day into everyday in your life. “Around here at Gorgeously Green, Earth Day is like our Christmas. Many years ago, Earth Day served as … Continue reading Earth Day Everyday

What’s the big deal with Ingredients

In light of the recent EOS lip balm dilemma, we thought we’d take a minute to pass along our 2 cents. First and foremost, if you put something on your skin and it irritates it, please, please discontinue use. Even the best ingredients that are organically sourced or non-GMO can be irritating to some. I like … Continue reading What’s the big deal with Ingredients


It’s 2016 and time to come clean. We tried to do a dozen little things last year, but they turned into eight (plus a cool new website – that’s what occupied all our time). So the theme for right now is CLEAN UP YOUR ACT. For starters, you can save 10% on Cleansing Oil. This … Continue reading CLEAN UP YOUR ACT

Fall Essential

It’s that time of year again, the wind is getting crisper, the leaves are changing color and the PSL can be found in the hands of coffee lovers everywhere. Today marks the first official day of Fall 2015, and that means it’s time to double up on your Essential Serum. Weather and temperature changes can … Continue reading Fall Essential


Well, it’s safe to say that it’s never a dull moment here at the Kari Gran HQ. From a beautiful new website to Glamp 2015, there’s been a lot going on in our absence from the blog. Now that our new site is up and running and we are back on the blog, here’s the … Continue reading AND… WE ARE BACK

Kari Gran Survey Shows Nearly 6 in 10 Women Check Labels for Harmful Beauty Ingredients

Recently here at Kari Gran, we commission a third-party national survey* to better understand the demand for green beauty products among American women, as well as their shopping and spending habits when it comes to all-natural offerings. We intend for our “Green Beauty Barometer” to become an annual survey in order to monitor changing consumer … Continue reading Kari Gran Survey Shows Nearly 6 in 10 Women Check Labels for Harmful Beauty Ingredients


Summer is officially here! And we have teamed up with Wallaroo Hat Company to bring you an awesome giveaway featuring 15 Scrunchie hats as well as a 15% off coupon. ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 1 OF 15 HATS FROM WALLAROO HAT COMPANY The best skincare routine begins with protection from the sun. So, … Continue reading HELLO SUMMER