The Best Gift of All

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We’re all about giving extra special gifts to loved ones during the holiday season. But, like many of our fans, we’re also big on giving back and the holidays are a natural time to float this sentiment to the top of the to-do list.

Our go-to place to give? WonderWork. We are simply in awe of this organization, and are proud to be regular donors to their cause, both personally and through the Kari Gran business.

WonderWork empowers local surgeons in developing countries through free training, equipment and crucial financial support to perform miracle surgeries on children who have burns, clubfoot, hole in the heart, water in the brain and blindness. We can write so much more about what exactly WonderWork does and how they change so many lives by helping others, and you can take our word for it, or you can go grab a tissue and hit play on this video.

First Sight: Sonia & Anita

If you are in a jolly mood during this season of giving, we hope you’ll consider giving to WonderWork. Your donation can literally be eye-opening.


The KG Team