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As November is officially the month of thanks, we’re showing our gratitude with a quick homage to everyday things we’re thankful for. We always say skin care is a holistic approach, and even what you feel inside – be it stress or running on fumes – will play a role in the health of your skin.

On that note, it’s important to cultivate positive thoughts, and many wellness experts recommend keeping a daily gratitude journal. While we personally haven’t taken that leap, we certainly try to pause and smile when the little things that make us happy come our way.

Things we’re grateful for shout outs go to:

Kari’s List

1. Early morning yoga. The “White Studio” in our office is always what I need, even when the alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and I don’t want to get out of bed.  I feel about 1000% better after yoga.

K-yoga (sized)_V2

2. A good cup of Italian roast coffee with a green juice chaser.

K-drinks (resized-stock)_V2

3. Organic India Sweet Rose tea – it makes me feel a little bit special and just a little bit happier on these rainy Seattle days. Plus, it keeps me from having more coffee during the day.

K-tea (sized)_V3

4. Our loft at the Kari Gran HQ. The pink Smeg refrigerator, chandeliers and view steal my heart. When I’ve got a great lunch at the ready in the Smeg, life is really good.

K-Loft (sized)_V2

5. Having a glass is half full outlook.

K-days (sized)_V2

Lisa’s List

1. Fresh flowers at home.


photo source: Pinterest

2. The ability to walk fast and for as long as I want because I’m healthy.

L-Walking (sized)_V2

photo source: Pinterest

3. Still being able to put on tights without sitting down or falling over—thank you yoga!

L-tights (sized)_V2

photo source: Pinterest

4. My husband holding my hand in a crowd.

L-hands (sized)_V2

photo source: Pinterest

5. Having an abundance of warm, stylish coats –I didn’t have them growing up and can’t get enough of them now!

L-coate (sized)_V2

photo source: Pinterest