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Hydrating Tonic

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Hydrating Tonic, what is anyway? Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic is an essential step in the all-natural, paraben free skin care regime we have designed.  It works in many wonderful ways.  It can be used both as a spritzer as well as a key ingredient in your own customized moisturizer. Kari Gran Hydrating Tonics are a blend of soothing ingredients containing no alcohol. They will not strip or dry your skin like traditional toners. Available in Lavender or Rose, you can mist it on any time for a pick-me-up if your skin is feeling parched. It also does a nice job of setting mineral makeup. A wonderful multi-tasker, use alone or with the serum to create your custom moisturizer. Our how-to video below shows you the many ways to use the Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic.  Enjoy!