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Kari Gran Skin Care – Using Cleansing Oil to Remove Thick Makeup

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What is the best way to remove make-up?  Even eye make-up?  This question is easily answered by Kari Gran skin care.  Kari Gran’s Cleansing Oil removes even the most waterproof of mascara, leaving your face cleansed and soft, all while balancing your natural oil production.  But what about thick make-up?  I’m talking about the type of make-up needed to cover scars, acne, tattoos and birthmarks.  Kari Gran Skin Care’s Cleansing Oil is perfect for removing this type of make-up too. My Mother has a port wine birthmark on one fourth of her face.  Very few people know this because of her meticulous makeup.  A port wine stain is dark red. It’s the color of, well, port wine, and a heavily pigmented foundation is just about the only thing that will cover it.  Think acting makeup.  It’s rich and creamy and to watch my mother apply it is to marvel at an artist who has perfected a flawless masterpiece in five minutes.  Watching her apply her make-up every morning beckons happy childhood memories for me.

To remove her thick makeup, my mom uses a solution of baby oil followed by an additional face wash with soap. It’s been her routine since my grandmother applied this same makeup for church when my mother was young. When I suggested she change to Kari Gran Skin Care, I knew it was a long shot. I purchased a Kari Gran Starter Kit for her, and she agreed to give it a try. With just one use, my mother transformed to a convert.

Following the Kari Gran skin care instructions for face cleansingshe reports that her make-up is easily removed and she no longer needs to wash her face with drying soap.  She follows with Kari Gran’s Lavender Hydrating Tonic and Essential Serum and loves how her skin feels, smells and looks.  I’m thrilled she is no longer using paraben filled baby oil!