Kari Gran Lip Whip Second to La Mer Lip Balm

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ctravelerOK, so our Kari Gran Lip Whip is in good company with La Mer Lip Balm.  While KG didn’t get first place in Conde Nast Traveler’s Makeup that Deserves a Space in your Carry-on: Travel Beauty awards.   KG did get second, right next to La Mer Lip Balm.  Not bad seeing that their lip balm is $35 more than ours and the brand is decades old.  Our new, up and coming brand is in good company, biting at the heals of Este Lauder (parent company of La Mer).  Let’s hear a rounding applause for paraben free small business!

Here’s what the reviewer had to say: Packing a makeup bag for vacation is no easy feat: Will the products make it through security? Will they crumble in your bag? Will your lipstick last through a long dinner…or an even longer flight? That’s why we sent our contributors out into the world to test the products that deserve precious carry-on space…

The Winners

Best Lip Balm

La Mer the Lip Balm ($50).
TESTED IN Santa Barbara.
WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR Hydration above all—a balm that keeps lips feeling soft and supple, without heavy perfumes.
HOW THE WINNER DELIVERED “It might be due to dehydration or to moving from climate to climate, but my lips always dry out when I travel. This balm feels light but provides moisture for almost two hours—the longest of any I’ve tried. And the jar’s silver top meant I didn’t lose it in my bag.” –Deborah Dunn, deputy editor

The Runners-up

Runner-Up for Lip Balm

Kari Gran Lip Whip ($15).
“I loved the buttery texture of this balm and the pleasant minty tingle—it was reminiscent of peppermint candy. It came in a heavy jar that I wish was a little larger, and it kept my lips hydrated for just a tad less time than the La Mer.” –Deborah Dunn, deputy editor