MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY: Being kind to mothers, and non-traditional moms too

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We’ve read a lot of stories out there about the financial worth of a mom. The articles are reflective and lovely and prove their point that what mothers bear is often overlooked, under appreciated, and impossible to put a price tag on.

Huge cheers to that!

Though, for all the traditional motherly love, there is a whole other side of motherhood that often goes ignored. Today, we’re giving a shout out to non-traditional moms. Maybe she’s raising a family member who is not her own. Maybe she expends her extra love and energy leading troubled youth down a better path. Maybe she’s a teacher, a step mom, an adoptive parent, or a business maven who mentors and believes in her young employees as she would her own daughter.

The grandma who steps in. The dad who plays double duty. The volleyball coach, the favorite aunt, your best friends’ mother who was your “second mom” growing up and forever beyond. Even the cat ladies are racking up the gold stars when it comes to unconditional love.

So, this Mother’s Day, as we shine the spotlight on traditional moms, we also encourage you to take a moment and think of the phrase “she was/is like a mother to me.” Who is that person for you? Or are you that person for someone?

Let’s honor those relationships too.

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-Kari & Lisa