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My new BFF for 2015 is my handy, easy to use, and most importantly easy to clean Nutribullet. Who knew a kitchen appliance could garner so much love! It busts open seeds, cracks through stems, shreds through skin and makes the most fabulous juice a girl can ask for. Actually, the literature that came with the thing insists that it’s not a juicer, it’s a superfood nutrition extractor (say that five times fast).

For those wondering what the heck that means, unlike traditional juicers that leave the fiber for the compost pile, the NutriBullet shreds all the fiber so you can drink it. My digestive system loves it and I have no more excuses for not getting my greens in! With my Nutribullet I am a happy, healthy DIY juicer/extraction maker. It’s so easy it’s silly. The Nutribullet I bought was $80, a bargain compared to the $8 green drinks sold at Starbucks.

My favorite recipe includes: ginger (just use a small bit because it packs a punch), handful of kale, beet greens, chia seeds, a Tbsp. of cashews, half an avocado, frozen berries and coconut water—blend until smooth. Yummmy.