We Salute: Red, White and Blue Foods for Glowing Skin

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OK, Pinterest. You win. We could not overlook the onslaught of red-white-and-blue-who-has-time-for-that recipes taking over our feed. Pinspired, we decided to whip up a special Kari Gran iteration of our own.

Behold…Old Glory made from five summer foods that will help give you radiant, glowing skin in dawn’s early light.

1. Blueberries – we love these little guys, packed with so many things your skin will love. Among them, Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals, which can otherwise damage skin cells, and vitamin C can help strengthen blood vessels to minimize broken capillaries.

2. Coconut Water (yes, we used shredded coconut for the pic, but you get the drift) –  not only does it immediately take us to somewhere tropical in our mind, coconut water is an excellent source for electrolytes to keep you hydrated in the summer months. Plus, the potassium in coconuts is known to boost circulation, thereby delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

3. Tomatoes – hello, lycopene and beta-carotene! Both of these elements are like Trojan Warriors against the sun’s damaging rays (though still wear sunscreen!). Lycopene in particular protects skin cells, while also boosting collagen to battle fine lines. Plus, tomatoes have that whole vitamin C thing going on too, another collagen builder.

4. Zucchini – in addition to being loaded with antioxidants, zucchini is 95% water to help keep skin hydrated and glowing. The next time your neighbor brings over a grocery sack full, don’t hide, embrace it.

5. Red Bell Pepper – vitamin C (again) and beta-carotene team up in this beautiful veggie. Beta-carotene – converted to vitamin A once in your body – is a crucial antioxidant for skin, as it can repair body tissues and may also protect skin from damaging sun.

Happy Independence Day!

-Kari & Lisa