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Sun Protection with Style is not an Oxymoron

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Sun Protection with Style is not an Oxymoron.  I know this from experience.  My dermatologist suggests that I cover my fair, rare and delicate skin with a long sleeved shirt and a god awful, Lawrence of Arabia hat. She makes this recommendation every time I go for my annual checkup.  My response is to respectfully nod my head while saying to myself “are you @#$%ing kidding me?”  Her sage advice accompanies a brochure on sun protective apparel featuring old, moderate people swathed in fabric.  No thanks, not for me.  While I believe whole heartily in sun protection I don’t believe in spending money on expensive apparel so I can look like a dork.

My wonderful but unfashionable dermatologist got me thinking.  Who makes fashion apparel and accessories with SPF?  Why do we fair haired women with delicate skin need to suffer under unattractive hats and hideous safari blouses in order to protect ourselves from dangerous rays.

With that question I began to google “fashionable sun protection” and was pleased to see that there are several good companies that offer a range of gorgeous hats and beautiful apparel.   The company that most intrigued me was Mott 50 sun protective fashion.  Pretty, cute active wear and rash guards.  Hip hats that look perfectly wonderful.

Another company I love is the San Diego Hat Company.  Oh so chic and lots of variety.  Pair one of their big hats with some big sunglasses and voila! You are glamorous!  The best sun protection is sun block paired with a full coverage hat to make sure your skin is dually protected.  At Kari Gran we believe that being kind to your skin is the best way to combat aging. So, don’t forget to treat yourself well and cover yourself up in style.