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Breakouts, Fatigue and Headaches… Oh My!

Today is end of week one of the 21 day transformation cleanse and I’m feeling the full force of detox pain. When I say end of week one, it’s actually been a bit longer as I was hit with a super aggressive 24 hour stomach flu the weekend before this started – a pre-cleanse to … Continue reading Breakouts, Fatigue and Headaches… Oh My!


Sunday Morning Ritual

Sunday is the day I let myself sleep in without an alarm. I get up have a leisurely cup of coffee in bed and read the paper. Later when the morning unfolds I have breakfast with my family. Sundays are also my grocery shopping days. I start out early in the afternoon to avoid the … Continue reading Sunday Morning Ritual



Here in Seattle, coffee is a big deal. On my way to work a couple mornings ago, I was in need of a chai tea. So I swung by a local coffee stand for a quick fix. I ordered my usual and handed over cash to pay, but the barista sweetly refused. “It’s on the … Continue reading 15 RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS