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“Finding Vivian Maier”: One woman’s singular POV

“Mysterious.”  “Private.”  “Eccentric.” “Finding Vivian Maier”, is a fascinating documentary that is also  a sort of detective story. You may not have ever heard of Vivian Maier, which wouldn’t be surprising, because none of her photographs were displayed to the public until after her death. She was the embodiment of the expression “A riddle, wrapped in … Continue reading “Finding Vivian Maier”: One woman’s singular POV


“Minimalism: A Documentary” Review

“Minimalism: A Documentary” is a great refresher to what is minimalism and why one should pursue this lifestyle. The film is a great introduction to minimalism for people who haven’t explored this concept. The documentary follows the book tour of Ryan and Joshua as they promote their lifestyle of happiness and interview many minimalists around … Continue reading “Minimalism: A Documentary” Review