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Only Three Steps to Healthy Skin

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Three steps to healthy skin? It’s hard to believe that we are subscribing only three steps to healthy skin, right?  If the cosmetic counters at the department stores had their way you’d have your own air stream trailer parked in your backyard full of cosmetics and skin care products for the 1,000 steps to healthy skin.  Stop the insanity! I say.  Let’s break it down, clear the clutter, empty our drawers and focus on what works, what’s necessary and what we can understand.  We call it The Little Black Dress of Skin Care.  You know, the go- to dress that always has your back, even if you’ve gained the proverbial 5 pounds over the holidays.  It is simple, it looks great, and you feel your best in the little black dress.  Three easy steps, three simple products?

We say focus, trust your instincts, know your skin and ignore all the noise out there about anti-aging, self-improvement, anti-aging and the quest for youth.  Your skin is the largest organ you have and it needs three things.  1) Moisturizer. 2) Hydration 3) Cleansing. End of Story. That’s no fun for a giant cosmetic conglomerate that needs women to flock to the stores for self-improvement day after day and year after year? Simplification is bad for profits.

At Kari Gran we’re a little different, we don’t have a board of directors hammering us to increase profits by creating nonsense “skin care technology” meant to confuse and manipulate.  We have three skin care products (only three) and three steps to healthy skin (only three).  That’s easy, too easy?  We don’t think so. Just think of the space in your drawers and your wallet once you get real and make this change.

Repeat after me, three products, three easy steps to healthy skin.  Now say it over and over to yourself while you’re tossing that nonsense from your bathroom drawers.  Your husband or partner will thank you, and so will your skin.