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Trade Your Moisture Zapping Cleanser for Kari Gran Cleansing Oil and Get Gorgeous

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It’s time to swap your harsh cleanser for Kari Gran Cleansing Oil.  “Cleansing oil on my face? Are you kidding?”  I know, it’s a strange concept, especially if, like me, you were raised on the Seventeen Magazine theory of squeaky clean skin.  Sorry to break it to you but the only thing that squeaky clean does for skin is strip it of its natural moisture—leaving it thirsty for hydration and ready to produce more oil. It’s a vicious cycle.  That’s why we came up with our Kari Gran Cleansing Oil–now you can cleanse your face with something that gives your face moisture rather than taking it away.

It reminds me of the “low fat” movement we all bought into a decade ago, the one that made everybody fat.  We deprived ourselves of good fat and stuffed ourselves with fat free Snackwells. And what did our bodies do?  They held onto the fat we had and sometimes gave us even more.  Like oil, the body needs healthy fat to maintain its health and balance.

The Kari Gran Cleansing Oil is made from plant based essential oils designed to cleanse and moisturize. We recommend massaging your face (massage increases circulation btw). You will find that the cleansing oil not only removes dirt and impurities but it also replenishes lost moisture and creates a barrier that locks hydration in and keeps the drying effects of a cold winter out.

So do you skin a favor and toss your water packed moisturizer, the one with the parabens and replace it with the Kari Gran cleansing oil and call us in a month.  We believe that after thirty days of using the Kari Gran Cleansing oil and serum you will find that your skin is soft, supple and hydrated.  So, fear not, oil is in fact a good thing—your skin knows it.