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Here at the Kari Gran HQ, we try to live as if everyday is Earth Day. As part of our mission to provide safe, eco-friendly, green and natural skin care and makeup, we do not use any water in our formulations. Why? Well, we think that S.W. Basics said it best:

“Water is often used as a “filler” ingredient; it’s cheaper and more readily available than something like coconut oil or rosewater, plus is marketed by the beauty industry as being super-hydrating. Yet, when we apply water topically on our skin it evaporates (which is why washing your face can leave it feeling tight). It’s the opposite of moisturizing.

Moreover, when you use water as the base of a cream or moisturizer, you usually need to add preservatives to prevent molding. Many of these preservatives are actually harmful to our health, effectively reversing any positive influence water might have…

But, generally speaking, water in your moisturizer or lotion usually means the presence of preservatives, a formula that is cheaper and less hydrating, and a waste of a vital resource. So, consume mindfully and drink your water. Your skin (and the planet) will thank you.” Read more on the S.W. Basics blog.

Hydrating? Yes. Moisturizing? Not so much. We will leave the water in your glass to give you a boost of hydration and stick to the oils for your face.