Four Winter Skin Care Tips to Live By

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In with the winter weather, in with dry skin. What to do? Fortunately, with a few adjustments to your routine it’s easy to combat harsh weather and leave you fresh faced. Here are four winter skin care tips:

Hydrate from the inside out by drinking plenty of H20. Shake up the plain old water routine by trying it at room temp with slices of cucumber, or jump on board the coconut water bandwagon. If cold beverages aren’t calling your name, go for some warm lemon water or a cup of steamy Herbal Tea, which does not include dehydration-inducing caffeine.

Adjust your beauty routine. You may need to use more or less of certain products as your skin changes with the temps, or even the day (think dry morning-after-holiday-party-skin). Our Kari Gran line includes a Hydrating Tonic and Essential Serum you mix together to create a fresh batch of lotion. It’s easy to adjust the moisturizing level by changing the ratio of tonic to serum pumps. The beauty of being able to customize is that you don’t have to buy different products just because the seasons change.

Amp up the exfoliation. We love the Clarisonic and similar devices. Use it to dry brush your skin prior to the shower a few times a week. It helps with circulation and keeps skin soft.

Don’t forget protection. Even if it’s bleak out, the sun can still “get you.” Be sure to apply a daily sunblock of at least SPF 15 to keep skin covered.